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The Cash Rent Lag Effect & How a Flexible Lease Can Help

“Fifty-three percent of Iowa farmland is rented,” according to the Iowa State University Farmland Ownership Tenure Survey released in 2017.  A high percentage of these agreements are for a simple cash lease.  Yes, we agree a fixed cash rent lease is simple in concept, but can also present challenges.  We have experienced this ourselves while […]

Farmland Owners & Producers | The Next Generation and Why We Need Them

Production agriculture will face multiple challenges in the decades to come as several reports suggest our world population will increase by over a third to a total of 9.8 billion by 2050.  This means the demand to produce food to feed this growing population will continue to grow. One of the issues that has been […]

‘Perfect storm’ brewing in agriculture

Originally published November 17, 2012. Download a pdf of the original story here. My heart goes out to the people of the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy ripped through their homes and businesses. There have been 110 reported deaths and estimated damages of greater than $60 billion. Most hurricanes revolve around centers of warm air. […]

Parents pass down a ‘gift that keeps on giving’

Originally published July 21, 2012. Download a pdf of the original story here. The first official day in my farm estate-planning career was July 1, 1992. At 22 years of age, I journeyed into business with a limited knowledge of the technical aspects of estate- and farm-continuation planning. The man responsible for my initial training […]