“70% of family farms will change hands over the next 15 years.” - USDA

Many of these will transition to a generation that did not grow up on the farm or operate it themselves. We connect Landowners to Producers who will operate the land as if it were their own.

Preserving the family farm – 1 Landowner, 1 Producer and 1 Farm at a time


Our mission is to be the strongest possible advocate for you and your family farm.


Combining 80 years of experience in the Agriculture industry to offer you these services.

Century Match™

A program unique to Next Gen Ag where we match the next generation of landowners to the next generation of producers.

We maintain a database of prospective producers and match them to landowners with similar goals and criteria of their family’s farm.

Leasing Program

We act as an unbiased 3rd party to help facilitate fair and long term lease arrangements for the benefit of your farm and your landowner-producer relationship.

We offer a flexible flat fee structure that can be paid by the landowner, the producer, or both can share in the cost.

Consulting Services

We offer our expertise in other areas such as our young farmer mentoring program, real estate consultation, and facilitating transition of farm operations between non-related parties.


Watch here for our upcoming informational workshops. Our typical workshop includes the following information

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Details

  • Navigating the Perfect Storm in American Agriculture
  • Connecting the Next Generation of Landowners & Producers
  • Flexible lease arrangements for managing risk & long term lease relationships
  • Strategies for Transitioning your Family’s Farm to the Next Generation


“Glen Moeller has been our farm manager since my father passed in 1993. He has given us excellent advice and has been easy to work with. My husband and I recommend Glen highly.”
Shirley Teasley (Springfield, VA)
Iowa Landowner - 500 acres
"I have worked with Mike Downey for over 15 years and have always found him to be professional and well-informed about issues in agriculture. I appreciate his ability to satisfy and see both sides for the operator and the landowner."
Robb Ewoldt (Davenport, IA)