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Preserving Family Farms,
One Generation At A Time

We understand the complexities and emotions tied to the transition of your family farm. It’s more than just land; it’s a legacy, a heritage that you want to preserve. At Next Gen Ag, we’re here to reassure you that there are solutions to the challenges you face. We’re here to guide you through the transition, connect the dots between generations, and help you navigate the future of your farm.

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Who We Serve

Please schedule a call so we can better determine how we can help you preserve your family farm legacy.

Seeds To Successors:

Your Guide to Passing on The Family Farm

This guide is an essential resource for those navigating the complexities of farm succession. This guide offers practical advice, strategies, and real-life case studies to assist landowners in transferring their agricultural legacy to the next generation.

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Our Testimonials

Glen Moeller has been our farm manager since my father passed in 1993. He has given us excellent advice and has been easy to work with. My husband and I recommend Glen highly.

Shirley Teasley (Springfield, VA)

Iowa Landowner – 500 acres

I have worked with Mike Downey for over 15 years and have always found him to be professional and well-informed about issues in agriculture. I appreciate his ability to satisfy and see both sides for the operator and the landowner.

Robb Ewoldt (Davenport, IA)

Why NextGen Ag

Your Land – Their Future – Our Connection

Choosing to partner with Next Gen Ag means choosing a team that truly understands your concerns and shares your vision for preserving your family farm. We know your farm is more than just land; it’s a legacy you want to see thrive in the hands of the next generation. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to bridging the gap between generations and ensuring a smooth and successful transition.