Farm Producers/
Aspiring Farmers

If you are visiting this page you are likely an existing producer, young or beginning farmer, or aspiring farmer looking for strategies to enter, exit, or expand the business. 

We understand the challenges you face as farming is a very capital intense business with a difficult barrier of entry. More than ever, we believe farm producers need to have a proactive plan in place to expand and support the legacy of your farm operation. 

As you likely know, the average age of farmers is the oldest in history and it’s estimate for every farmer under the age of 35, there are 6 over the age of 65. 

These types of trends is what prompted our programs at Next Gen to not only assist landowners in the transition of their farms, but also farm producers in the transition of their farm businesses. One of our missions is to serve as a respected, unbiased farm advisor to better connect the next generation who will own and operate our farmland.  

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Century Match Matching & Mentoring Program ™ 
  • Estate & Succession Planning
  • Farm Advisory Services, including:
    • Farm consultant role
    • Farm lease advising
  • Real estate & consulting services:
    • Farm sale lease-back’s
    • Private sale contracts
    • Entity planning
    • Land valuations
    • Fertility & drainage tile analysis 
    • Young & beginning farmer programs

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