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Making Succession Planning a Success for your Family Farm

Listening and Learning Session: Flex Leases 4-5:30 p.m. For years tenant farmers and landowners have relied on a conversation and a handshake to determine rental rates each year. Fluctuating market prices, fertilizer shortages and a dependence on world events means the price of corn and soybeans may fluctuate wildly year-to-year. Many farmers and landowners are […]

Making Succession Planning a Success for your Family Farm

This webinar brought together two succession experts and two Illinois farm families to talk about the big picture of farm succession planning. Together they explained and addressed topics like: (1) why succession planning matters so much; (2) what are common obstacles that keep families from making a plan at all or from making a sound plan that will accomplish all they desire; […]

Farm Futures: Learn timely information on potential tax law changes, 2022 farm lease negotiations.

Mike Downey of Next Gen Ag Advocates was recently featured on Farm Futures discussing tax law and land rent rates. To answer those questions, join me and associates at Next Gen Ag Advocates and Farm Financial Strategies, Inc., for one or both of the following free sessions: Tax law changes & how you can prepare […]

Dairy Star Article: Preserving the future of the family farm

LISBON, Iowa – One of the most daunting problems facing farmers who are looking at retirement is what to do with their businesses if no one in their family is interested in pursuing a career in production agriculture. That problem faced Iowa grain and hog farmer Glen Moeller, so he decided to do something that […]

Passing Down the Farm: Strategies, Ideas, and Real-life Solutions | Successful Farming Article

Recently Mike Downey and Steve Bohr were featured in the article Passing Down the Farm: Strategies, Ideas, and Real-life Solutions. You can view the full article here: https://www.agriculture.com/farm-management/estate-planning/passing-down-the-farm-strategies-ideas-and-real-life-solutions