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Land Rent Podcast

On today’s episode of The Ag View Pitch, Chris talks with Mike Downey, a Land Consultant with Next Gen Ag Advocates. They discuss various lease arrangements, and the advantages of having third party assistance during rental lease negotiations. More information about Mike and his team can be found on their website at https://www.nextgenag.us/. Listen to […]

5 Reasons for Modernizing the Farm Leasing Industry

By Mike Downey, Land, Lease & Farm Succession Consultant It is estimated 70% of family farms will change hands over the next 15 years.  Many of these will transition to a generation that didn’t grow up on the farm or operate it themselves.  This will place a greater emphasis on landlord-tenant relationships in the future, […]

You’ve Asked & We’ve Listened | New Farm Advisory Program

By Mike Downey, Land, Lease & Farm Succession Consultant The most noticeable difference between the top 20% of high income producers and the bottom 20% of low income producers is not yields, not marketing success, but rather, how well they manage the costs in their farm operation.  This is according to a study of over […]