Landowner/ Inheriting Landowners

Congratulations you own what we believe to be one of our most precious assets: farmland! 

As more and more farms change hands, there is more and more of a need to assist the next generation in managing their farm assets. In fact, it’s estimated nearly 80% of all rented farmland in the future will be owned by those with no farm experience or more removed from agriculture. 

There is a greater need from the industry to provide landowners with good, unbiased information and we believe there will be a greater emphasis in the future on landlord-tenant relationship than we’ve ever seen up to this point in time. 

This is one of our goals at Next Gen is to provide such information and serve as a trusted farm advisor to better connect the next generation who will own and operate our farmland. 

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Century Match Matching & Mentoring Program ™ 
  • Estate & Succession Planning
  • Farm Advisory Services, including:
    • Farm consultant role
    • Farm lease advising
  • Real estate & consulting services:
    • Farm sale lease-back’s
    • Private sale contracts
    • Entity planning
    • Land valuations
    • Fertility & drainage tile analysis

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