Century Match Program

We use our unique database of Landowners and Prospective Producers to make a long term connection based on the criteria for your family’s farm.

What other areas do you need help with?

We offer a flexible and user friendly format where you may select the specific areas you need help with and we then build the right price for those services accordingly.

What is a fair market rental rate or lease arrangement for your farm?

We maintain a confidential database of land rental rates and other lease arrangements as a 3rd party benchmark to determine fair, long term arrangements for your situation. This removes the yearly awkward conversation you must have with your tenant about renewing your farm lease.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Farm Lease Consultation
  • Flexible Cash Rent Leases
  • Benchmark Cash Rental Rate Database
  • Contract & Lease Negotiations
  • Landowner-Tenant Communication
  • Narrative Farm Reports & Inspections
  • Stewardship & Conservation Practices
  • Fertility & Soil Analysis
  • Risk Management & Farm Program Analysis
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Crop & Livestock Production
  • Financial services
  • Real Estate & Consulting services
  • Estate & Succession Planning

Please see the “What we do” section on our homepage for more detailed descriptions.

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